Sortie le samedi 11 juin 2022

1. This is How It Starts (A Secret Passageway)
2. Riders in the Storm / Typing It as It Goes / A Sanctuary of Darkness
3. Escaping Erasure / The Menace of a New Blank Screen / Burning All Roots of Creation
4. Closing in on Reality / It Knows Where You Live / Rapid Eye Movement Disorder
5. A Call from the Depths / The Rotten Cycle of Life and Decay / Deep Carrion Dynamics
6. The Crows Found Him First / The Senseless Dream of a Dead Man / One Last Breath
7. A Tramway Named Purgatory / Fleeing from the Dogs of Depravity / Survival of the Thickest
8. Ghostly Lampposts in the Wetland / The 9th Circle of No Privacy / A Sad Night for Blood Suckers
9. Dead End Alley Fight / The Sleep of Reason Produces Boots / A Feast of Flies
10. Ice on Fresh Wounds / On and Off Mind Buzzer / Running Red Lights
11. Starless Night Market Blues / 24 Hour Diner / Thoughts of Violence are Bliss
12. Fullmoon Hunters / The Opal Frontier / Nobody Else Made It Out
13. On a Train to Perdition / A Wagon of Wandering Souls / The Crystal Lift of Memories
14. Deceptive Ascension / The Caged Gatekeeper / There is a Hound at Both Ends of the Tunnel
15. A Neverending Walk of Shame / Through the Veil of Illusion / Unreal, Still...
16. History Flooding Back / Those We Have Killed / You Must Radiate Life
17. Claimed by Death Herself / An Endless Canvas of Time and Space / The Dreary Typewriting of Fate
18. Last Stop : Within / My Own Emotional Landfill / No Visible Scar
19. The Understated Art of Never Finding Peace

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